Refund policy

 Refund policy

1- Shipment

The items will be shipped to your address from a local warehouse and you will receive the items within several days. We currently ship to US for the orders placed on the Mydracas official website. If your shipping address is not in US, please visit our official store's page and use the E-commerce platforms we work with as a seller.

2- Return Policy

We offer 15 days no-reason, return policy. In case, you receive the product and are not satisfied, you can ask for return with no reason for 15 days from the date of the delivery and get full refund. Please make sure that you have not used the item in order to enjoy the 15 days no-reason return policy.

3- Refund Policy

We offer the refund and warranty policy as follows:

3.1 Within the 15 days after the delivery date

3.1.1 You have received a defective product

If you received a defective item, you can ask for a full refund or replacement with new product. Please make sure that the package is still available and send us the pictures of the item. Once we confirm it, we will arrange it with you to refund or send you a new item according to your request.

3.1.2 The product is not defective, but still you intend to get refund

You can ask for a full refund, but please make sure that you have not used the item and it will not affect the sale of the item as the brand new item later. In this case, you will pay the courier service to ship the item back to our warehouse. When we receive the item in our warehouse, we will refund you.

3.2 The product which defects after 15 days from the delivery date